The silver- skull is fitted with an anatomic set of handmade ceramic teeth, complete with roots. The teeth are adorned with thousands of diamonds of the highest quality, adding up to 34,7 carat, resulting in an extraordinary piece of art.

The unique sparkling sculpture is created in 3000 hours of painstaking and precise workmanship. If wished, the skull is available in solid-gold.

The value, though, goes beyond the mere value of the materials and work hours. The lustre and shine of the diamonds brings into being an eternal smile that lasts beyond death and symbolizes the transformation of matter into light.

The sculpture makes us understand the conversion of the hardest stone to light. A light that gets refracted inside the precious stones and burns like fire inside them, dazzling and bedazzling us with a smile that will last forever.

Man is matter too, and will become light, a light that will shine beyond life and death.
Light is joy, even more when it sparkles in diamonds.